What To Expect

Your First Visit

On your first visit you’ll have a long chat about what it is that’s bothering you and the history surrounding this. We will take a thorough history, talking about all accidents and injuries, operations, medication (if there are many, bring a list), on-going conditions and serious illnesses.

We will follow that with a thorough examination of the involved areas. This could include a full respiratory, cardiovascular or abdominal exam followed by a focussed neuro-orthopeadic exam of the joints and muscles involved.

During this visit, we will also determine your current limitations (flexibility) and weaknesses that we can work on.

Your Second Visit

On your second visit we will discuss what we found and provide you with a treatment plan.

We will set goals (your goals) and start treatment.

It is not unusual for us to start care using an intense course of treatments aimed at speeding up the recovery process.

During this time we are trying to ‘peel away the layers’.

But remember, you determine what we do, and what your aims are.

We will just advise you the best approach.

Subsequent Visits

A lot of people choose to have routine visits at their chiropractor, at an interval that suits you.